Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020: Growth Through Adversity

Chances and Risks in a rapidly changing world. How can Diversity and Collaboration strengten us?

Course Description

We are interviewing some thought leaders in the field of neurodiversity for this 2020 Neurodiversity pride day. We are curious how they see the state of Neurodiversity today, what risks and opportunities they see in the current change and changes to come. Neurodiverse people may be more vulnerable to adversity in some ways, but also more resilient in handling changes, or difference , in other ways. Last but not least we are curious how they hope to contribute in building communities and a wider world that is more neurodiverse friendly.

About the Instructors

I am abreast with current educational trends and philosophies. I can apply this knowledge in developing programs and modules for teaching in the early years. I am passionate about bringing gifted and talented pedagogy in the regular classrooms.

Leaning from my vast experience as an early childhood educator and now as a parent, I provide parent coaching and training to share valuable information on how to provide meaningful and connecting activities with your child at home. I am also a big advocate of strengthening parent-school communication and involvement.

The love for lifelong learning is a gift that we can give to our children.I teach valuable thinking and life skills to children through small group workshops and activities.

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